Saturday, July 25, 2009

Welcome to the new home of the Krautrock Album Database

I'll keep it short. Geocities is closing so I have created this blog to serve as the future home of the Krautrock Album Database.

I'll be migrating the files and reviews to this new site as I get the chance.


  1. thank you! i was wondering what happened to some of the band pages on the old site... great your moving it here, its anice resource... hope you will be reviewing more albums!

  2. can you help me find a song I heard many years ago on alan freemans radio 1 saturday afternoon show,I dont know what it was, all I can say it was about 1972-74 and a krautrock band ,and the album cover was completely black! not much to go on! I know ,I loved the song ,any krautrock sherlock holmes out there?

  3. The only black album covers I think of off-hand are Amon Duul's "Collapsing" and Faust's "So Far"

    Chances are you heard something off of "So Far" as there are a few killer tracks off that LP.

  4. thanks for your reply .I wasnt expecting to ever find that song .but having a computer and finding this site has made it possible.I will try to find that faust album.I am not a big "krautrock" fan and havent heard much .but that song was a killer.thanks again