Saturday, July 25, 2009

Annexus Quam "Osmose" 1970

Osmose (Ohr 1970)
Genre: Krautrock
Album Legnth: 36:20
Best Song: "Track One"

1. Track One 4.15
2. Track Two 3.11
3. Track Three 10.35
4. Track Four 18.19

A fusion of rock and jazz with doses of the avant garde and psychedelia thrown in for good measure. A very trippy album, the use of effects and the loose jazz drumming create a sound somewhere between 'Phallus Dei'-era Amon Duul II, Faust, and Kollectiv. The last side long piece on the album is the standout track. With its interplay between guitar and sax, the droning vocals (Amon Duul II style!), jazz bass and piano, Annexus Quam create an unheard of music from another world. You recognize all the parts, but when they are put together they create something entirely different. The band went on to record one more album, but this was in a free-jazz style and only slightly hints at the music on this Ohr classic.
[4/5 Doug]

Jurgen Jonuschies - Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Hans Kaemper - Trombone, Spanish Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Harald Klemm - Flute, Vocals, Percussion
Ove Volquartz - Saxaphone
Peter Werner - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Uwe Bick - Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Werner Hostermann - Clarinet, Organ, Vocals, Percussion

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