Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can "Soundtracks" 1970

Soundtracks (Liberty 1970)
Genre: Krautrock, Rock
Album Legnth: 35:19
Best Song: "Deadlock"

1. Deadlock 3.25
2. Tango Whiskeyman 4.02
3. Deadlock (Title Music) 1.40
4. Don't Turn the Light on, Leave Me Alone 3.42
5. Soul Desert 3.46
6. Mother Sky 14.30
7. She Brings the Rain 4.04

Not too many groups release a collection of soundtrack pieces as their second album... then again there aren't too many groups quite like Can. The seven tracks from 'Soundtracks' were culled from five films: Deadlock, Cream, Madchen Mit Gewalt, Deep End, and Bottom. Inferior to Monster Movie and Tago Mago (though some will argue that it is their best), the album manages to stand on its own, at times hinting at future directions explored by the band. The most interesting tracks are the three from Deadlock and 'Mother Sky', one of the group's most regarded tracks. 'Deadlock' is an emotional track containing beautiful guitar work by Michael and an evocative bass and keyboard rythm. 'Tango Whiskeyman' stands out as a mellow track with its subtle lead guitar, brooding bass line and Jaki's patented cyclone drumming pattern. 'Mother Sky' is a repetitive psychedelic rocker in the traditional Can vein. At 14-minutes, the track features a trance-like rhythm, mellow vocals, and soaring lead guitar. The album features Malcolm Mooney performing vocals on 'Soul Desert' and 'She Brings The Rain', a jazzy number fit for a smoke-filled lounge. Damo Suzuki is featured on tracks 1, 2, 4, and 6. A fairly good album, 'Soundtracks' lacks the flow and coherent nature of similar period Can work mainly due to the fact that the songs were conceived as film soundtracks. The album is a must for Can fans and will probably end up in most Kraut collections as well.
[4/5 Doug]

Holger Czukay - Bass
Michael Karoli - Guitar
Malcolm Mooney- Vocals
Damo Suzuki - Vocalas
Jaki Liebzeit - Drums
Irmin Schmidt - Keyboards


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