Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cluster "s/t" 1971

Cluster (Phillips 1971)
Genre: Krautrock, Electronic
Album Legnth: 44.27
Best Song: 15.33

1. 15:33
2. 7.38
3. 21.17

The first Cluster album is a bit lighter than the preceding Kluster albums. This album marks the turning point in their career as Schnitler's departure reduced the band to a two-piece. Conny Plank's engineering expertise was so relied on that he is credited with co-composing the tracks. The three tracks which are untitled are referenced by their running time. In general, the tracks have a dark, brooding nature about them and are loaded with grinding electronic pulses and moans. There are no lyrics, or poems as in the prior Kluster album. They are works of rhythmless free electronic sounds flowing naturally, ascending and descending. If you are familiar with the Kluster albums you will note that sound-wise, these tracks are much fresher and cleaner sounding. This album will appeal greatly to fans of early electronic and industrial music and to those who are interested in hearing early avant garde electronic recordings. For those of you who are not familiar with Cluster, I would advise starting with their later albums, perhaps Sowiesoso or Zuckerzeit and then work your way backwards. This truly is one of the most unique recordings of our time. As an extra note of interest, the album was garnered so well with reviews in 1971 that it was voted 10th best album of that year in one German magazine!
[5/5 Doug]

Hans Joachim Roedelius - Electronics
Dieter Moebius - Electronics
Conrad Plank - Electronics Engineering

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  1. wow, always loved stuff like this, they sound like the future for their times