Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Krautmash #1

You know how much fun it is to rediscover something that you thought was lost forever, don't you? Three years ago I decided to take 20 Krautrock songs and make 2 tracks by placing them together in sets of 10.

I randomly selected the tracks and then cut and arranged portions of them into 2 suites: Krautmash I and Krautmash II. The rules were simple - no fancy transitions or track manipulations like the mashups that were popular at the time - cuts and fades were all I allowed myself (oh and 2 small loops on the intro of 2 of the tracks - who can tell me which ones?)

I had intended to make it available to the group, but I accidentally deleted my project files and had lost the sole CD that I had burnt. Recently I rediscovered that CD while cleaning out a vehicle that I was donating to charity; better late than never. Here is the first track: Krautmash I


  1. That`s really good to create your
    Krautmash Compilation 1!

    I search a long time for the other 8
    Groups but can`t not find - please help!

    9:08-12.57 =Gruppe: NEU! Album: NEU!75
    Titel: isi
    28:15-34:08 =Gruppe:Out of Focus
    Album:Wake Up Titel: See how a white
    negro flies

    compliment for your activity

  2. I wouldn't be doing anybody justice if I stuck to the just the popular groups now would I?
    1. 0:00 - 3:03 Between "And the Waters Opened" 1973 Song: "And the Waters Opened"

    2. 3:04 - 4:45 Ibliss "Supernova" 1972 Song: High Life

    3. 4:50 - 7:58 Hairy Chapter "Can't Get Through" 1970 Song: It Must Be An Officer's Daughter

    4. 7:45 - 9:15 Xhol "Motherfuckers" 1971 Song: Orgelsolo

    5. 9:08 - 12:57 Neu! "Neu! '75" 1975 Song: Isi

    Repeat. 12:55 - 13:48 Between [same as #1]

    6. 13:49 - 19:33 Os Mundi "43 Minuten" 1972 Song: But Reality Will Show

    7. 19:34 - 25:26 Carol of Harvest "S/T" 1978 Song: Somewhere at The End of The Rainbow

    8. 25:19 - 26:49 Vinegar "S/T" 1971 Song: Sawmill - Tiel I

    9. 26:49 - 28:24 Peter Giger "Family of Percussion" 1975 Song: Maya's Traum

    10. 28:15 - 34:08 Out of Focus "Wake Up" Song: See How A White Negro Flies

    I will give you a little while to listen to track #2 and guess before I post the song list.