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Birth Control "Operation" 1971

Operation (Ohr 1971)
Genre: Heavy Rock/Progressive
Album Legnth: 41:57
Best Song: "Let Us Do It Now"

1. Stop Little Lady 7.19
2. Just Before The Sun Will Rise 7.39
3. The Work Is Done 6.00
4. Flesh And Blood 3.29
5. Pandemonium 6.36
6. Let Us Do It 11.13
7. Hope*
8. Rollin'*
9. The Work Is Done*
10. What's Your Name*
11. Believe In The Pill*
*=Bonus Track

'Operation', Birth Control's second studio LP, is a vast improvement upon their self titled debut. Released on the Ohr label in 1971, the album features an outrageous cover drawing of a baby eating insect monster. Sounding much more refined, the group adopted a heavy progressive approach inspired by Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. Bruno Frenzel took creative control of the band and is credited as the sole composer of each track. 'Operation' kicks off with the hard rocker 'Stop Little Lady' which is dominated by Reinhold Sobotta's stellar organ work. Opening with a classically themed guitar and organ riff, the track quickly switches gear and a steady groove is established. 'The Work Is Done', the albums single, is a catchy rocker with political lyrics that deal baby killers in Vietnam. Musically, the track is quite attractive, but the accented female background vocals are a bit of a turn off. 'Flesh And Blood' is a heavy track with a brooding riff that must have influenced The Damned on their killer track 'Neat Neat Neat'. Next, 'Pandemonium' showcases a prominent hammond organ and a nice instrumental section that contains great organ and guitar solos. The album closes with the 11-minute epic 'Let Us Do It Now'. Opening with a beautiful classical piano solo the song begins to take shape as vocals are introduced. Strings, drums and brass are introduced and the song continues to build into an early symphonic rock effort.
[3/5 Doug]

Musicians:Bruno Frenzel - Guitar, Vocals
Bernd Noske - Drums, Vocals
Reinjhold Sobotta - Organ
Bernd Koschmidder - Bass

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