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Amon Duul "Carnival In Babylon" 1972

Carnival In Babylon (United Artists 1972)
Genre: Krautrock
Album Legnth: 36:59
Best Song: "Hawknose Harlequin"

1. C.I.D. In Uruk 5.36
2. All The Years Round 7.24
3. Shimmering Sand 6.36
4. Kronwinkl 12 3.55
5. Tables Are Turned 3.37
6. Hawknose Harlequin 9.50
7. Light 3.51*
8. Between The Eyes 2.29*
9. All The Years Round (Single Version) 4.12*
*=Bonus Track

Much calmer than their preceding work, 'Carnival In Babylon', the group's fourth album, is a movement towards a more accessible and melodic sound. The album is dominated by shorter tracks which mix together folk, progressive, jazz, and ethnic influences. The only links between this and their prior work are the 10-minute 'Hawknose Harlequin' and 'Kronwinkel 12'. Edited down from a 40-minute jam, 'Hawknose Harlequin' is a mix of 'Tanz' styled space rock and 'Yeti' styled free-form jam. Likewise, the short acid-pop tune 'Kronwinkel 12' is similar in feeling with earlier acid rockers 'Soap Shop Rock' and 'Archangels Thunderbird'. The remaining tracks feature a laid-back, mature rock sound complete with acoustic guitar, psychedelic electric guitar, spaced-out organ, as well as rock and ethnic percussion. Renate Knaup returns to the fold and performs lead and backing vocals on five tracks. 'All The Years Round' and 'Hawknose Harlequin' feature some truly toe-tapping guitar riffs while 'C.I.D In Uruk', 'Shimmering Sand', and 'Tables Are Turned' offer up some ethnically-tainted folk grooves. The Repertoire release contains three bonus tracks, of which 'Light' stands out as an oddball rocker reminding me of the Velvet Underground sound.
[4/5 Doug]

Chris Karrer - Guitar, Violin, Sax, Vocals
John Weinzierl - Guitar, Vocals
Renate Knaup - Vocals
Karl-Heinz Hausmann - Keyboard
Lothar Meid - Bass, Vocals
Peter Leopold - Drums
Danny Fichelscher - Percussion

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