Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ashra "New Age Of Earth" 1977

New Age Of Earth (Virgin 1977)
Genre: Electronic
Album Legnth: 47:53
Best Song: 'Ocean Of Tenderness'

1. Sunrain 7.32
2. Ocean Of Tenderness 12.42
3. Deep Distance 5.49
4. Nightdust 21.50

Originally this album was released in late 1976 as an Ash Ra Tempel album in France, but was released internationally the following year under the Ashra title, therefore, I am including it under the latter. This album is seen by many as a milestone in Electronic/Ambient music. Like the preceding Ash Ra Tempel album, Manuel Gottsching is the only performer on this CD, or so I have been led to believe. The four tracks are fully composed, arranged and performed by Gottsching. The style of the music is a bit of a mixture of meditative ambient and electronic music and what would later become known as dance/techno. The first track 'Sunrain' has a very prototypical techno/dance beat to the sound and is totally synth-driven. The music on the album is very well executed and the production values are incredible for the time (the sound is really clean and layered!). This album is a great album to listen to while laying on a couch in a dark room lit by lava-lamp light. The music on this album has a sort of healing quality to it and when in the right mood can flow through your mind.
[5/5 Doug]

Manuel Gotsching - Guitar, Synthesizer, Electronics


  1. I totally agree. I listen to it every evening since 30 years. And I still don't know the melody perfectly well,cause when I hear it ,I'am gone and quiet ! At the time,my son,four years old asked me:can I listen to the beach please? Wonderfull ocean off tenderness.