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Birth Control "Backdoor Possibilities" 1976

Backdoor Possibilities (Brain 1976)
Genre: Progressive/Art Rock
Album Legnth: 43:30
Best Song: "Behind Grey Walls"

1. Prologue 2.30
2. Physical And Mental Short Circuit 3.56
3. Subterranean Escape 1.10
4. Film Of Life 5.36
5. Childhood Flash-Back 0.53
6. Legal Labyrinth 2.06
7. Futile Prayer 5.55
8. The Farrockaway Ropedancer 4.27
9. Le Moineau De Paris 2.23
10. Cha Cha D'amour 1.26
11. Behind Grey Walls 6.52
12. No Time To Die 6.09
13. Fall Down 2.49*
14. Laugh Or Cry 2.57*
*=Bonus Track

'Backdoor Possibilities', Birth Control's sixth studio album and eighth release, is similar to the preceding 'Plastic People' in that it too marks a shift in a new art rock direction. Overall, the music manages to maintain Birth Control's typical hard rock sound, but is augmented with jazz and classical elements. A concept album, the story appears to be based upon the life of a soulless corporate businessman, who, sucked in by the trappings of success, is caught up in the game and reminiscing about his life. The album is divided into three suites, 'One First Of April', 'Beedeepees', and 'La Ciguena De Zaragoza' with the latter being the strongest section. I am not sure if I am alone in this thought, but I have to admit that this album is one of my guilty pleasures and tends to be one of the CD's I grab for most often. The music is spontaneous, fresh, quirky, complex and at times even cheesy. One of the album's strengths lies with the complexity of the musical arrangements, for each instrument track has been carefully thought out and composed. Another aspect I enjoy is the frantic tempo changes, the excellent dual guitar and synth interplay, and the quirky classical melodies and instrument arrangements which sound like a proto-Oingo Boingo (Danny Elfman). That being said, I feel that there will ultimately be two listener classifications: those who despise the album and those who really enjoy the album. Musical highlights include the ethereal number 'Futile Prayer', which comes complete with atmospheric organ and pounding tom-toms; and 'Behind Grey Walls', the album's jewel, a powerful number containing great guitar work and enough of Zeus' keyboard exploits to prove without a doubt he is worthy of his godly name. As a whole, the album has a progressive art rock sound with a sort of proto new wave flair, partly attributed to its unique sonic synth sound and the overall quirky nature of the music which was far from anything the group had done before. As a bonus, the CD contains two bonus tracks which push the total disc time just under 50 minutes.
[4.5/5 Doug]

Bernd Noske - Vocals, Drums, Marimba, Tympani, Congas, Percussion
Peter Foller - Bass, Vocals
Bruno Frenzel - Guitar, Vocals
Zeus B. Held - Organ, Piano, Moog, Tubular Bells, Vocals

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