Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amon Duul "Paradieswarts Duul" 1971

Genre: Folk/Krautrock
Album Legnth: 34.15
Best Song: Love Is Peace

1. Love Is Peace 17.13
2. Snow Your Thirst and Sun Your Open Mouth 9.28
3. Paramechanische Welt 7.38
4. Eternal Flow 4.10*
5. Paramechanical World 5.44*
*=Bonus Track

If ever a record could change your perception about a band, it would be this record by Amon Duul. So well-documented was their historic 1968 drugged-out jam session that 4 albums worth of 'music' have been culled from the tapes. Paradieswarts Duul was their only legit attempt at recording an album and as I read somewhere else, "the commune's drug of choice had been changed". Although still quite amateur, (5 notes into the first track one can hear the guitarist flub his note!) the musicians do manage to play a few decent 'drug-folk' songs. A brief description of the music might go as follows: three extended tracks of mellow folk-ness sounding a bit like Planet Caravan in a few spots, performed by amateurs, but possessing a great deal of charm and idealism. The CD also contains Amon Duul's only other legit recording, a 7" single also from 1970. [3/5 Doug]

Ella - Bongos
Lemur - Drums, Rythm Guitar, Guitar
Lurich - Bass, Piano, Guitar
Dadam - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Hansi - Flute, Bongos
Helge - Drums
Noam - African Drums
John - Guitar
Chris - Bongos

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