Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blackwater Park "Dirt Box" 1972

Dirt Box (BASF 1972)
Genre: Heavy Rock
Album Legnth: 34:54
Best Song: "Rock Song"

1. Mental Block 3.18
2. Roundabout 5.45
3. One's Life 3.03
4. Indian Summer 6.10
5. Dirty Face 4.25
6. Rock Song 8.45
7. For No One 3.25

Blackwater Park was a little-known Berlin rock band that recorded its only album in Windrose Studios during December 1971. Fans of the guitar driven, blues-flavored heavy progressive rock formula can't go wrong with 'Dirt Box'. Featuring a British vocalist, the group's sound can be compared to the likes of Free, Armaggedon, and Edgar Broughton Band. 'Dirt Box', released on BASF, contains six original tracks of varying quality and a cover version of the Beatles' 'For No One' which comes off rather well. The album opens with 'Mental Block'. Containing gutsy guitar riffs which remind me of the band Free, the song features tight riffs that jam, scorching guitar solos, and an airy hammond organ for added effect. Powerful riffs guide the listener through 'Roundabout', an aggressive rocker with a slightly psychedelic intro. 'One's Life', 'Indian Summer', and 'Dirty Face' feature great guitar work and take on a heavy blues sound with 'Dirty Face' exploring the realm of boogie blues. 'Rock Song' stands out for it is the most unique song on the album in terms of sound. The song opens with a spate of aggressive riffs before turning into a doom and gloom rocker with a slight Eastern influence (imagine Black Sabbath performing 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene') before ending in a series of heavy guitar solos. Finally, the album comes to a close with a rocked-up cover version of the 'For No One' from the Beatles' 1966 smash 'Revolver'. Overall, 'Dirt Box' has its shining moments, but along with them comes a few low points. Regardless of this fact, the album has become popular amongst collectors.
[2.5/5 Doug]

Richard Routledge - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Fechner - Guitar
Andreas Scholz - Bass
Norbert Kagelmann - Drums

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