Saturday, July 25, 2009

Peter Bursch Und Die Broselmaschine "s/t" 1976

Peter Bursch Und Die Broselmaschine (Intercord 1976)
Genre: Folk Rock
Album Legnth: 39.41
Best Song: "Sofa Rock"

1. Sofa Rock 6.16
2. Gc 3.30
3. Come Together 9.08
4. Country Doodle 1.48
5. Nah So 'Was 2.37
6. House Carpenter 4.31
7. Wayfaring Stranger 6.53
8. Standchen 1.12
9. Mississippi Blues 3.29

Not too many collectors will be lucky enough to find this little obscurity as it has never been reissued. Those who seek it out should be made aware that sadly, this is not a rehash of the group's incredible 1971 debut. I liken it to Ax Genrich's (Guru Guru) equally obscure 1975 solo LP 'Highdelberg Supersession'. Peter Bursch and Willi Kissmer, the only remaining original members, formed the new Peter Bursch Und Die Broselmaschine in early 1975. The resulting self-titled album was recorded between February and July of that same year in Conny Plank's Neunkirchen Studio. The album features guest appearances by Roland Schaeffer and Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru) and Jan Fride (Kraan). The resulting music, while still retaining a strong folk-rock tendency, is much different than the atmospheric folk which dominated the legendary 1971 album. There are a few similarities however, most notably the inclusion of three traditional tracks ala 'Lassie' and the abundance of "ethnic" percussion. Musically, the emphasis is placed on Peter Bursch's highly talented acoustic guitar techniques, although Willi Kissmer's electric guitar steals the show at times. Standout tracks include 'Sofa Rock', a six-minute instrumental folk-rock jam with ethnic percussion, and 'Come Together', a laid-back track highlighted by flute, idyllic vocals and dreamy guitar passages. Peter Bursch Und Die Broselmaschine is well worth tracking down if you are a fan of the first album.
[3/5 Doug]

Peter Bursch - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Willi Kissmer - Guitar
Klaus Dapper - Flute, Zither, Saxophone, Bass
Mahendra Kapadia - Tablas
Jan Fride - Congas, Drums
Roland Schaeffer - Bass
Mani Neumeier - Percussion

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  1. Hi, es gibt ja sogar ein Stück mit dem Titel Sofa Rock. Ich nutze das eigentlich meist als Gattungsbegriff.