Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amon Duul "Disaster" 1972

Genre: Commune Rock
Album Legnth: 67.08
Best Song: 'Imprupulsion'

1. Drum Things (Erschlagzeugtes) 9.12
2. Asynchron (Verjault Und Zugeredet) 7.37
3. Yea Yea Yea (Zerbeatelt) 1.00
4. Broken (Ofensivitaaten) 7.26
5. Somnium (Trauma) 9.30
6. Frequency (Entzewi) 9.53
7. Autonomes (Eintdrei) 5.37
8. Chaoticolour (Entsext) 7.43
9. Expressionidiom (Kapuntterbunt) 1.48
10. Alititude (Quaar Feld Aus) 1.01
11. Impropulsion (Noch'n Lied) 6.13

Here is the third album to be released containing more jams from the historic 1968 jam session. The inner sleeve only lists 7 'musicians', but I have read elsewhere that nearly 10 to 15 people are responsible for these recordings. If you are not familiar with the original incarnation of Amon Duul, then this description will be helpful for you. Imagine three or four people playing acoustic and electric guitar in a manner similar to a few drugged-out garage band kids, accompanied by six or more people playing a variety of percussions all in a different time signature. Their songs, if you can call them songs, are megalithic jams centered around a single riff or chord sequence. Extremely amateur, almost bordering on ritualistic playing. Something that has to be heard to be truly understood, liked or disliked.
[1/5 Doug]

Angelica Filanda- Vocals, Percussion
Helge Filanda- Congas, Anvil
Ella Bauer- Vocals, Percussion
Rainer Bauer- Guitar, Vocals
Ullrich Leopold- Bass
Peter Leopold - Drums
Uschi Obermaier- Percussion
Wolfgang Krischke - Piano, Percussion

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