Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cluster "Sowiesoso" 1976

Sowiesoso (Sky 1976)
Genre: Krautrock, Electronic
Album Legnth: 37.16
Best Song: 'In Ewigkeit'

1. Sowiesoso 7.19
2. Halwa 2.52
3. Dem Wanderer 3.52
4. Umleitung 3.29
5. Zum Wohl 6.54
6. Es War Einmal 5.26
7. In Ewigkeit 7.24

Popular consensus agrees that 'Sowiesoso' along with 'Zuckerzeit' is the measuring stick as far as ambient electronic albums are concerned and I agree with them. This album lends itself well as listening music, background music, and meditation music. The music on this album has probably stood the test of time better than Cluster's other work. To me, the instrumentation sounds fresher than 'Grosses Wasser' which was recorded three years later! The obvious stand-outs musically are 'Sowiesoso', 'Zum Wohl', 'Es War Einmal', and 'In Ewigkeit'. Each song consists of a steady keyboard progression which leaves room for what I like to call Cluster's famous 'Teutonic tinkering' (electronic effects). My favorite is 'In Ewigkeit' which translates to 'In Eternity'. This song has a quality which transcends time making it pure listening enlightenment/enjoyment which will last for, well, eternity. A must have for fans of ambient electronic music, Sowiesoso should also be a staple in any serious Krautrock fan's collection. If you are new to Cluster I would advise you to start with this album!
[5/5 Doug]

Hans Joachim Roedelius - Electronics, Guitar
Dieter Moebius - Electronics

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  1. I thoroughly agree about grosses wasser sounding a little lacking nowadays compared to the classic 70s albums. Something was lacking in those early 80s albums (perhaps change of equipment and producers had something to do with it). zuckerziet, sowiesoso and cluster and eno still sound vital and fresh today, Conny Plank and Michael Rother (for zuckerziet) were an important part of the magical mix that produced those albums. I'm also a huge fan of cluster II, 71 and all the Kluster material....

    Thanks for keeping this database going from the geocities days, by the way!