Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ash Ra Temple "Join Inn" 1973

Join Inn (Ohr 1973)
Genre: Krautrock
Album Legnth: 43.24
Best Song: "Jenseits"

1. Freak 'N' Roll 19.09
2. Jenseits 24.15

‘Join Inn’, Ash Ra Tempel’s fourth album, is the result of a one-off jam session which took place amongst the three original members and Gottsching’s favorite tag-along, girlfriend Rosi Mueller. Recorded in Switzerland, where many of the key Ohr/Pilz players had descended to take part in the Walter Wegmuller ‘Tarot’ project, ‘Join Inn’ was completed over the course of several hours during breaks. Sticking to the groups modus operandi, the album contains two extended and largely improvised tracks, ‘Freak ‘N’ Roll’ and ‘Jenseits’ which is German for “beyond”. ‘Freak ‘N’ Roll’, is a guitar driven psychedelic rocker complete with bluesy lead guitar, trippy reverb effects, electronics noodling, plodding bass riffs, and Schulze’s usual percussion exploits. When compared to earlier Tempel tracks such as ‘Amboss’ and ‘Space’, ‘Freak ‘N’ Roll’ comes off sounding a bit restrained. Following the formula of the proceeding three albums, the album closes in dreamlike fashion with the twenty-four minute epic ‘Jenseits’. Akin to an electronic sound painting, ‘Jenseits’ gently floats along riding its ambient atmosphere into the heavens. Gottsching’s maturing guitar sound attains an ethereal quality unlike any other in rock history while Hartmut Enke’s bass adds to the mood. As a whole, the album sounds much more refined when compared to their earlier outings. Depending on your tastes this will either be a positive or a negative.
[4/5 Doug]

Manuel Gotsching - Guitar
Hartmut Enke - Bass
Klaus Schulze - Drums, Organ, EMS Synthesizer
Rosi - Vocals

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