Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cosmic Jokers "s/t" 1974

Cosmic Jokers (Kosmiche Music 1974)
Genre: Kosmische, Space Rock
Album Length: 42.13
Best Song: 'Cosmic Joy B'

1. Galactic Joke A 7.10
2. Galactic Joke B 6.44
3. Galactic Joke C 8.50
4. Cosmic Joy A 9.19
5. Cosmic Joy B 10.06

Cosmic Jokers is the first album by this Krautrock supergroup, although the members had joined forces together previously on Walter Wegmuller's 'Tarot' and Sergius Golowin's 'Lord Krishna Von Goloka'. The music is a little representational of the backgrounds of the band as well, sometimes sounding like Ash Ra Tempel (Gotsching and Schulze) and at other times like Wallenstein (Dollase and Grosskopf). Legendary engineer Dieter Dierks, whose name is synonymous with the Ohr and Kosmische Musik recordings, plays a pivotal role in 'glueing' the sound together. The resulting recording is a good album which comes closer to the 'kosmische' sounds of Ash Ra Tempel than the symphonic rock of Wallenstein. In all, there are 2 extended tracks divided into suites with a sound dominated by an eerie/spacey synth and some heavily-reverbed guitar. A must have for Ash Ra Tempel and Klaus Schulze fans as well as fans of the 'kosmische' sound. [4/5 Doug]

Manuel Gottsching - Guitar
Klaus Schulze - Electronics
Jurgen Dollase - Keyboards
Harald Grosskopf - Drums
Dieter Dierks - Bass

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