Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cosmic Jokers (Kosmiche Music 1974)
Genre: Kosmische, Space Rock
Album Length: 47.11
Best Song: 'Electronic Rock Zeitalter'

1. Tim Bleibt Bei Uns 7:06
2. Downtown 2:42
3. Lord Krishna 1:23
4. Power Drive 1:40
5. Bei Tim 1:50
6. Right Hand Lover 1:33
7. Cosmic Courier Bon Chance 2:55
8. Swiss High Lands 1:19
9. Der Magier 2:45
10. The Electronic Scene 3:38
11. Electronic Rock Zeitalter 11:09
12. So Beautiful 3:51
13. The Queen Of Sunshine 3:22
14. Meine Kosmische Musik 1:42

Definitely not the best release, but 'Gilles Zeitschiff' (Gilles Spaceship) is perhaps the freakiest artifact to come out of the Cosmic Jokers' short existence. A pastiche concept 'sampler', the album contains heavily overdubbed excerpts from the Kosmische Kuriere projects: 'Seven Up', 'Lord Krishna Von Goloka', and 'Tarot'. The material is spiced up by additional material recorded by Klaus Schulze and Gille Lettman. Schulze's signature cosmic synthesizer sound is used to full effect while Gille can be heard delivering an acid drenched narration in German and English. The narration details the power of 'Mr. Energy', Timothy Leary, and how he became involved with the Kosmische Kuriere group. In case you weren't aware, Gille makes it known that Timothy is a love god and that "T. L. stands for true love". Obviously the effect which Mr. Leary had on Gille was out of this world. Plain and simple, 'Gilles Zeitschiff' is krautrock in its purest form and the album should make its way into your collection at some point. This one is best listened to with head phones! [2/5 Doug]

Gille Lettman - Vocals
Klaus Schulze - Electronics
Jurgen Dollase - Keyboards
Manuel Gottsching - Guitar
Harald Grosskopf - Drums
Dieter Dierks - Bass
Hartmut Enke - Bass, Guitar
Walter Westrupp - Guitar
Bernd Witthuser - Guitar
Sergius Golowin - Vocals
Brian Barritt - Vocals

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